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Ten tips on x86 Server Buying

Server purchases are not easy decisions. Here are ten buying tips for you. They range from where to buy to whom to buy, and what not to buy. They also answer the question why to buy

Cloud based Email and Office: New models need to emerge

All organizations have IT users who use technology with varied levels of intensity. In the corporate world, you will see workers replying to mails every 30 seconds, and there are workers probably adding a line or to a mail trail when it is absolutely necessary. There are highly productive workers who find emailing an unnecessary evil. That doesn’t mean they don’t require email. They do, but they may not like to reply to every email or they will not even read every email. I believe that the number of user based subscription model should be replaced by a far more scaleable model where you price email services based on the number of emails stored, sent and received.

Why are some customers switching away from public clouds?

Most public cloud adopters  choose the model because they are not sure about what their growth rates or what their usage spikes would be. And this is perfect thinking. They also do not want the meddle with setting up hardware, or even entertain the idea of buying hardware. On top they do not want to hire a sys-admin to set up the infra for them. This is perfect startup mentality.

Where is the PC Market headed?

Unless there is a disruptive product introduction, I am willing to bet that PC market will stay ahead of the tablet market for another three years. In fact I am willing to even bet that traditional tablets without keyboards ( with keyboards, they are notebooks of another form factor) will never catch up with traditional PC market.

Why we need more IIN Graduates than IIT Graduates?

I think the most important course which needs to be taught in schools and colleges is a preparatory course in studying at IIN. For example a computer science undergrad program needs to have a professional and on an every-minute updated course on how you can learn and solve problems over the net.

Why my next CMS system will have an in-memory database as primary data store?

An article that is about 1000 words, a title, a separate intro, keywords, a few tags, category listing, author details etc would occupy approximately 30 K space or less in a typical database. I am assuming that all static files such as CSS and Javascript reside outside or are hosted out of a CDN. Images and Videos would be stored on a disk system or may be from an external source such as Flickr or Youtube, or data store such as Amazon S3.

Taxi and balancing happiness

My question is how long will the happiness last? Someday Uber and Ola will kill rest of the competition. Some day they will run out of all monies, and their investors will demand returns. They will call for a successful IPO. And post IPO at least they cannot afford to lose money on every ride. Well they can, and even if so for how long more?

So whenever that happens, I am unable to figure out how consumers will still get free rides or discounted rides, and taxi drivers continue to make the same amount of money. No Arthematic or Logical reasoning is helping here.How can taxis which pulls in at the best 18 kilometres to a litre of diesel still continue to be cheaper than a rickshaw which pulls in 30-35 kilometres to a cheaper kilo of LPG?

Why are x86 server vendors lacking imagination?

A number of customers across all sectors from small business to the largest enterprise will shift base to a public cloud.
Not all of them will move, but some of them will move. And those who move, may not move everything. That's why hybrid cloud concept is so exciting.

Javascript is a clear winner. But...

It looks like Javascript is indeed winning the battle whether creating native apps, native like mobile web apps, or pure mobile web apps. Not to mention the craze for different web frameworks from ExpressJS to AngularJS to NodeJS on the classic web front. There are nearly a dozen frameworks which has emerged with Nativescript and React Native being perceived as potential game changers.